The Valley Clock Shop
1177 N 2nd St
El Cajon, CA 92021

What customers are saying about The Valley Clock Shop


My husband and I have had our clocks looked after since the late 1980’s. We have a Hershede grandfather clock and a very old, old, old, mantle clock. Kirk’s father (the original owner) was our first contact and when he retired, Kirk, took over. We have not had a single complaint – always complete satisfaction. Your family clocks are safe with them! – Rachel C., San Francisco, CA


I purchased a Grandfather clock that had been in storage for 20 years and was in poor condition with a broken mechanism. Valley Clock Shop filled me in on the history of this particular brand of clock and brought it back to life so that it looks and sounds wonderful. Furthermore, after I accidentally knocked the pendulum out of whack and some pieces loose they came out and put everything back together for no charge. – John M., San Diego, CA


Was glad to find out that there was a clock shop in east county very close to home. Dropped off a couple clocks that have been in our family for years. Staff was very friendly and most of all knew what they were talking about. Price was very reasonable and have already referred a few friends. Might very soon pull the trigger on a beautiful grandfather clock that was for sale . We also received a follow up call to remind us of future services. That’s why I rewarded with a 5 star rating. Would 100% recommended Valley Clock Shops to anyone in need of clock service or looking to purchase a clock. – Marvin F., El Cajon, CA


Very nice people. Very good service. Kirk went out of his way to deliver my clock to me when I couldn’t pick it up. The work was both well done and completed in a timely fashion. Service prices were fair. I would definitely use Valley Clock Shop again for future clock repairs. – Noreen N., San Diego, CA


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